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Credit where due
Tue May 8, 2018 05:26

Well, so long as everyone is attempting to grab credit, perhaps it’s worth pointing out that the *actual* discovery and recovery of Cpl. McNichol — from archival research to countless man-hours of challenging, expensive field work in a tough and unforgiving environment — was accomplished by the non-profit History Flight, Inc.

So yes, as always, welcome home — and for this and literally scores of other Tarawa recoveries, we have Mark Noah and his hard-working teams to thank.

DPAA graciously gives credit where it’s due, but curiously, there’s never a peep from this poster.

  • CPL John Vincent McNicholFoundation, Mon May 7 13:46
    “His Lord said to him, Well done, you good and faithful servant…” Matthew 25:21. CPL John Vincent McNichol was reported as Killed in Action by gunshot wounds on 21 November 1943 on Tarawa. In... more
    • Credit where due — Clay Bonnyman Evans, Tue May 8 05:26
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