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George E Proulx
Re: USS Independence
Fri May 18, 2018 16:05

What was it that you were looking for Tom?

  • Re: USS Independence Tom Godwin, Wed May 16 11:21
    Thank you for sharing, K T. I continue to be amazed at what can be found on the net regarding Tarawa but it is starting to feel more like bedrock than sand nowadays. USS Chanango Nov 22 low altitude... more
    • Re: USS Independence — George E Proulx, Fri May 18 16:05
      • LVT in crater boundaries of Red 1 / 2Tom Godwin, Fri May 18 17:31
        Hi George, I am looking for another LVT that fell into a crater. In 1999, I corresponded with a PFC Lonnie E. Yancey who went in with 2LT Donald Dahlgren and my dad on the same amtrac. Lonnie... more
        • Re: LVT in crater boundaries of Red 1 / 2George E Proulx, Fri May 18 22:12
          So I assume you are looking for that shell hole farther to the west if we are looking at the center 3 revetments in the photo. I will keep my eye out for a pic that would show that.
          • Re: LVT in crater Tom Godwin, Sat May 19 05:47
            The center revetments are definitely the focus area, George. Additional eyes on are greatly appreciated. I have made contact with a number of families of Marines in the amtrac this last year and all... more
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