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Durk Steed
Thank You Mark Noah and History Flight
Wed Jun 13, 2018 06:12

To Mark Noah, History Flight, and all its volunteers (including Clay),
Thank you for your persistence and hard work in locating and identifying the remains of "The Lost Graves of Tarawa." Your successful recovery and identification of scores of MIAs is patriotic, praiseworthy, and to be commended. May you continue to find success in your work on Cemeteries 27 and 33.
With great appreciation,
Durk Steed

  • Clarifications re PFC GilmanClay Bonnyman Evans, Tue Jun 12 13:34
    Here are a few facts about the recovery of Pfc. Paul David Gilman: 1) Whatever "advanced law enforcement investigative techniques and sophisticated technologies" used by the Chief Rick Stone... more
    • Thank You Mark Noah and History Flight — Durk Steed, Wed Jun 13 06:12
    • Thank you for this clarification Leroy Kisling, Jr, Tue Jun 12 23:49
      Clay Thanks for speaking up for all of s who follow this forum. Im not sure why the repeated postings by this person, but when I see the initial wording: His Lord said to him, Well done, you good... more
      • Re Gilman clarificationClay Bonnyman Evans, Wed Jun 13 10:26
        Thanks, Leroy and Durk. I have zero problem with anyone celebrating the return of a Tarawa MIA and wishing the family well. What I have a problem with is the consistently misleading way it's being... more
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