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Tom Godwin
Tanks a lot
Tue Jun 19, 2018 19:19

Thanks for the clarification, George; hence reason why Donna’s father not there I guess. When I looked up Bale in the muster rolls and saw him in Co C “2ndTkBn, DivSplTrs, 2dMarDiv” I thought it one and the same. Obviously there was some granularity I was not familiar with. Appreciate the learning experience.

Found the picture by accident looking for original photo of Easy Company 2/2 on New Zealand. I have a poor Xerox Copy of E22 on NZ and have been looking for the original for nearly 20 years. If anyone out here comes across it or has it by any chance, I would really appreciate a copy. It would be hard to believe the original isn’t out there someplace.

Easy 2/2 sometime between Jan and August 1943 (Hawkins transferred after August I believe). A lot of guys here who never came back....

  • Tanks a lotGeorge E Proulx, Tue Jun 19 12:34
    No Tom. Then Lt. Bale commanded Company C, 1st Corp Medium Tank Battalion. It was equipped with the M4A2 Sherman Tank. The photo shows the men of the 2nd Tank battalion of the 2nd Marine Division. It ... more
    • Re : tanks a lotTom Godwin, Wed Jun 20 09:57
      George, I looked up Bale again in Oct43 and noticed this time there were 3 separate hits for October. One had him in 1st Corp and the other 2ndTnk Battalion. Indexes do not supply offsets for... more
    • Tanks a lot — Tom Godwin, Tue Jun 19 19:19
    • tanks a lotdonna Werner, Tue Jun 19 16:32
      This is always very confusing to me. My father (Pvt. Don Pearson) was in the tank Clipper along with Pvt. Clifford Quine. I always thought they were in the 2nd Tank Battalion, 2nd Marine Division,... more
      • PFC Donald W. PearsonBrent A. Peterson, Tue Jun 19 20:14
        Donna, PFC Donald W. Pearson and PFC Cliford G. Quine were attached to 1st Corps Medium Tank Battalion at Noumea, New Caledonia from October 6th to October 31st, 1943. Their permanent assignment is... more
        • Pearson and C CosRomain Cansière, Wed Jun 20 11:32
          Hi Dona, hi all, The force designated to take Tarawa was the 2d Marine Division. Each division has its own tank battalion, in this case the 2d Tank Battalion. At Tarawa, two companies of light tanks... more
          • Re: Pearson and C CoTom Godwin, Wed Jun 20 14:15
            Thanks Romain.... The muster rolls make sense then i.e. being on 'loan'....
      • Re: tanks a lotGeorge E Proulx, Tue Jun 19 18:21
        No worries. Lt. Bale (and your dad) landed with their Shermans in support of the 2nd Marine Division and of course the division's lighter tanks. Eventually, the Marine Corps was issued enough of the... more
        • tanks a lotdonna Werner, Tue Jun 19 19:23
          Ok, its starting to make sense to me. But I'm still not sure what division my father was in. I guess I'll have to do some research. I think it's probably written in "Tanks in Hell". But thank you for ... more
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