Lvt 49
Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:03

Does anybody know the exact location of LVT 49 first landed ? And if 49 was the right guide for a I company wouldnít the platoons right guide be in it ?

    • LVT locationsBrent A. Peterson, Fri Jul 13 13:49
      Al, I am beginning a lengthy project of mapping out the entire island of Tarawa (Betio) based off of the existing aerial photography. I am sure that I am not the first to notice that there are major... more
    • LVT 49 Al Guerrero, Fri Jul 13 00:15
      Hello Roy, LVT 49, MY DELORIS was the right guide vehicle for the amtrac's landing in the first wave on Red-1. It landed on the "bird's beak" of Red-1 ( The red circle vehicle in the photo) It landed ... more
      • Re: LVT 49 Anonymous, Fri Jul 13 17:01
        Thanks Al your information helps a lot if you lay a pencil on top of the LVt 49 and it will go buy a big bunker if youíre at the bunkers top left corner followed pencil past three palm trees you will ... more
        • Re: LVT 49 George E Proulx, Fri Jul 13 22:00
          Hey "Anonymous". Could you post a clear photo of the area, and the tank, you mention?
          • Re: LVT 49 Anonymous, Sat Jul 14 11:45
            Hey George can you send me an email address and Iíll send you the photo I donít know how to post Photos on this website ? thanks .
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