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George E Proulx
LVT color?
Fri Jul 13, 2018 14:11

I've been curious about the color of LVTs. In any assault landing they would easily be seen approaching the island by their large wake if not by the guns and any signage displayed. That said I suppose the blueish color above the tracks would still make sense. On the island however, as many were used extensively, an OD color would seem logical. Even if just from the tracks down! Also, looking at some color photos of LVTs on the reef at Tarawa, I noticed that the LVT-1s are a shade of grey while the LVT-2s appear to be OD. What are you're thoughts?

    • LVT ColorAl Guerrero, Sat Jul 14 15:32
      Hi George, How are you? I do know that for the LVT-1 it came from the ordinace depot in light bluish gray color. later a blue-drab paint. By February 1943 enamel, synthetic, olive drab, lusterless... more
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