K T Harrison
Tarawa 1968 footage
Sat Jul 14, 2018 17:31

Hi All. Congratulations Clay. I found this footage....General David M. Shoup (recalled to active duty for the occasion) visits Betio Island (Tarawa) with an American contingent to dedicate a memorial to the Second Division Marines who fought and died on the island. Shoup and other recollect the battle as they tour the island. Original combat films incorporated with contemporary footage.


    • University of South Carolina digitized footageDurk Steed, Sun Jul 15 00:19
      Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this link. This is worth its weight in gold.
      • Hello Kim Righetti, Tue Jul 17 23:02
        Enjoyed watching this new footage! Thanks.
        • Re: HelloAnonymous, Wed Jul 18 02:06
          Hi, Kim, hope you are well. Yes havn't posted much in last few months, busy at work, and my 3yo daughter keeps me busy.
          • Re: HelloK T Harrison, Wed Jul 18 02:10
            Sorry It K T Harrison from New Zealand...did you see this pre invasion pic https://ibb.co/ebFT1y Take care Kim
      • Durk SteedK T Harrison, Sun Jul 15 00:45
        Thanks Mr Steed, yes theres other footage there of norman hatch and photographic section before the famous group photo, agree priceless. Also i posted this other a few years ago...reposting... more
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