Durk Steed
University of South Carolina digitized footage
Sun Jul 15, 2018 00:19

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this link. This is worth its weight in gold.

  • Tarawa 1968 footageK T Harrison, Sat Jul 14 17:31
    Hi All. Congratulations Clay. I found this footage....General David M. Shoup (recalled to active duty for the occasion) visits Betio Island (Tarawa) with an American contingent to dedicate a memorial ... more
    • University of South Carolina digitized footage — Durk Steed, Sun Jul 15 00:19
      • Hello Kim Righetti, Tue Jul 17 23:02
        Enjoyed watching this new footage! Thanks.
        • Re: HelloAnonymous, Wed Jul 18 02:06
          Hi, Kim, hope you are well. Yes havn't posted much in last few months, busy at work, and my 3yo daughter keeps me busy.
          • Re: HelloK T Harrison, Wed Jul 18 02:10
            Sorry It K T Harrison from New Zealand...did you see this pre invasion pic https://ibb.co/ebFT1y Take care Kim
      • Durk SteedK T Harrison, Sun Jul 15 00:45
        Thanks Mr Steed, yes theres other footage there of norman hatch and photographic section before the famous group photo, agree priceless. Also i posted this other a few years ago...reposting... more
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