660 Special Weapons Group, 7th Defense Battalion
Sun Aug 5, 2018 14:54

Hello, My father, Corporal Chester S. Guzek was a member of 660 Special Weapons Group, 7th Defense Battalion. He told me that his unit was rolled into the 2nd Mar Div. just before for the Tarawa invasion. USMC Muster Rolls don't mention him from Aug '43 (SWG/7th DB, FMF) to Jan '44 (Base Depot FMF). His service records exhibit a hole from June '43 thru Dec '43. and indicate that in Dec '43 he was diagonsed with lymphangitis (later diagnosed as filiariasis) and shipped to #1 MD, USNH at Oakland for treatment. He was further diagnosed as suffering "war neurosis". Period photos of him in uniform exhibit a Presidential Unit Citation ribbon with star and an Asiatic- Pacific Campaign ribbon with one star. His Honorable Discharge states "no battles" but yet at the time of his discharge he had 5 Combat Credits. Records were fouled up no doubt. For example his service record states, "Field commission to Lt. Colonel, 11/22/1943 and reverting to previous rank is withdrawn due to Guzeks choice of leaving the Corps onstead of staying in the Regular Coeps as agreed to per Pacific FMF, Hawaii. From corporal to Lt/ Colonel is pretty spectacular.

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has any information of my dad or 660 Special Weapons Group.

    • 660 Special Weapons Group, 7th Defense BattalionWilliam Guzek, Mon Aug 6 18:43
      Thanks, Matt, for your kind response. Turns out that the person who started the thread is my cousin! Still trying to ferret out any information about where 660 SWG went when it left Nanumea.
    • Researchmatt holly, Mon Aug 6 01:13
      http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/138533-rfi-on-campaign-awards-for-the-usmc-7th-defense-battalion-in-wwii/ I see you have already been looking here... Matt
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