Tom Godwin
RE: WW2 souvenirs
Sun Aug 26, 2018 05:48

Sometimes you can get lucky with searches. A surprising 86,000 hits on for a search of "Japanese Rifles" delineated by years 1943 to 1944. I was able to find the provenance of things my father brought back that he sent to his uncle found in an article in March of 1944 'before' Saipan. Japanese currency being one that he signed and a rifle amongst others things.

  • Re: RE : Jimmie S. DowthittMark, Sun Aug 26 01:26
    Thanks for the info. I have currency too, but unfortunately it's pasted into the scrapbook grandpa made before he died in 1960. Don't recall seeing any handwriting on them though. Have to take... more
    • RE: WW2 souvenirs — Tom Godwin, Sun Aug 26 05:48
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