Tom Godwin
Re: Red One LVTs
Tue Sep 11, 2018 23:02

Hey George. For what it may be worth in the big picture, I had information shared with me last year written down by platoon sergeant Bernard Grommes that had ‘boat team’ assignments for the 2nd Platoon of Easy Co 2/2. Just for that platoon, there were 3 ‘boat teams’. By ‘plan’, this platoon also had machine gunners and flamethrowers attached. If the 2 other platoons were the same, that's 9 tracs. Extrapolating it out for E Co 2/2, with 166 Marines of the company engaged, 9 amtracs would be about 18 Marines in each trac. My dad, who was in the 2nd platoon, said he fought with 20 buddies from the crater which included the amphib group. A total of 21 for their trac. A game of numbers that paints a picture however imperfectly.

  • Red One LVT'sGeorge E Proulx, Tue Sep 11 14:57
    Hi Roy. I am not the expert on this but inasmuch as 15 Alligators were assigned to each beach (with 5 more following the wave as reserve vehicles) I would guess that 7 or 8 were transporting Company... more
    • Re: Red One LVTs — Tom Godwin, Tue Sep 11 23:02
      • Re: Red One LVTsGeorge E Proulx, Wed Sep 12 12:53
        Of course we should also remember that there were three waves of amtracs, the 2nd two in LVT-2s carrying 20 men each. I don't believe I've ever seen an LVT-2 actually on the beach at Red One. Only... more
        • Re: Red One LVTsTom Godwin, Wed Sep 12 18:15
          Good point, George. Thank you. I know that H Co 2/2 had men in the later waves as well as HQ 2/2. Is there any detail available that shows that rifle companies like E Co 2/2 were separated across... more
          • Re: Red One LVTsGeorge E Proulx, Wed Sep 12 19:34
            Given the troop capacities of the amtracs and the need for unit cohesion on landing I can only think that squads and platoons were boated in the boldly numbered amtracs with additional 'boat group'... more
            • Re: Red One LVTsTom Godwin, Wed Sep 12 23:28
              Cohesion would have been important but however they lined up in the waves, it appears that things went astray fast for E Co 2/2 and much of 3/2. E Co 2nd platoon's tracs were all separated. One ended ... more
              • Re: Red One LVTssfreund61, Fri Sep 14 14:27
                A few screen shots from the films I have of the landings
                • Re: Screen shotsTom Godwin, Sat Sep 15 12:43
                  Thanks Scott, I had been looking at the lineups where LVTs appear to be following one after the other going to the LOD. Once ordered to move in, I understood they basically made a right turn and then ... more
    • Re: Red One LVT'sGeorge E Proulx, Tue Sep 11 15:29
      Sorry - I meant to say that the ships were in support of Red Beaches one and two.
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