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Tom Godwin
Re: Red One LVTs
Wed Sep 12, 2018 23:28

Cohesion would have been important but however they lined up in the waves, it appears that things went astray fast for E Co 2/2 and much of 3/2. E Co 2nd platoon's tracs were all separated. One ended up disabled in the water near the pier (every occupant was either killed or wounded), another in a crater inland at red 1/2 boundary. I haven't found out what happened to the 3rd but it obviously wasn't with the other two. Appreciate the info George.

  • Re: Red One LVTsGeorge E Proulx, Wed Sep 12 19:34
    Given the troop capacities of the amtracs and the need for unit cohesion on landing I can only think that squads and platoons were boated in the boldly numbered amtracs with additional 'boat group'... more
    • Re: Red One LVTs — Tom Godwin, Wed Sep 12 23:28
      • Re: Red One LVTssfreund61, Fri Sep 14 14:27
        A few screen shots from the films I have of the landings
        • Re: Screen shotsTom Godwin, Sat Sep 15 12:43
          Thanks Scott, I had been looking at the lineups where LVTs appear to be following one after the other going to the LOD. Once ordered to move in, I understood they basically made a right turn and then ... more
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