Al Guerrero
Re: I co 3/2
Fri Sep 14, 2018 21:27

Hello Roy,
14 LVT-1's were scheduled to land on Red-1.
This wave was followed by 3 reserve LVT-1s

2nd wave - 8 LVT-2's
3rd wave - 7 LVT-2s

Numerous more LVTs 1's, that were scheduled for Red-2, landed on Red-1 (close to the bird's beak) due to the intensive gunfire from the gun emplacement at the boundries of Red-1 and Red-2.


  • I co 3/2Roy, Mon Sep 10 13:52
    Does anybody know how many LVT ones landed in the first wave with I co 3/2 in them
    • Re: I co 3/2 — Al Guerrero, Fri Sep 14 21:27
    • Red One LVT'sGeorge E Proulx, Tue Sep 11 14:57
      Hi Roy. I am not the expert on this but inasmuch as 15 Alligators were assigned to each beach (with 5 more following the wave as reserve vehicles) I would guess that 7 or 8 were transporting Company... more
      • Re: Red One LVTsTom Godwin, Tue Sep 11 23:02
        Hey George. For what it may be worth in the big picture, I had information shared with me last year written down by platoon sergeant Bernard Grommes that had ‘boat team’ assignments for the 2nd... more
        • Re: Red One LVTsGeorge E Proulx, Wed Sep 12 12:53
          Of course we should also remember that there were three waves of amtracs, the 2nd two in LVT-2s carrying 20 men each. I don't believe I've ever seen an LVT-2 actually on the beach at Red One. Only... more
          • Re: Red One LVTsTom Godwin, Wed Sep 12 18:15
            Good point, George. Thank you. I know that H Co 2/2 had men in the later waves as well as HQ 2/2. Is there any detail available that shows that rifle companies like E Co 2/2 were separated across... more
            • Re: Red One LVTsGeorge E Proulx, Wed Sep 12 19:34
              Given the troop capacities of the amtracs and the need for unit cohesion on landing I can only think that squads and platoons were boated in the boldly numbered amtracs with additional 'boat group'... more
              • Re: Red One LVTsTom Godwin, Wed Sep 12 23:28
                Cohesion would have been important but however they lined up in the waves, it appears that things went astray fast for E Co 2/2 and much of 3/2. E Co 2nd platoon's tracs were all separated. One ended ... more
                • Re: Red One LVTssfreund61, Fri Sep 14 14:27
                  A few screen shots from the films I have of the landings
                  • Re: Screen shotsTom Godwin, Sat Sep 15 12:43
                    Thanks Scott, I had been looking at the lineups where LVTs appear to be following one after the other going to the LOD. Once ordered to move in, I understood they basically made a right turn and then ... more
      • Re: Red One LVT'sRoy Johnson, Tue Sep 11 19:20
        Thanks George.
      • Re: Red One LVT'sGeorge E Proulx, Tue Sep 11 15:29
        Sorry - I meant to say that the ships were in support of Red Beaches one and two.
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