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George E Proulx
Re: 95 tank
Wed Oct 3, 2018 13:25

This subject has been approached before. You really need to download the pic to your computer, open a photo program that would allow you to insert an arrow or line, mark the location of the tank and then post the photo here. So far, no one is seeing what you are seeing otherwise.

  • 95 tankRoy, Tue Oct 2 18:47
    In photo 82 if youíre at the birds beak looking south youíll see what looks like a pyramid with the door itís about 200 yards from the birds beak about another hundred yards on the upper right youíll ... more
    • Re: 95 tank — George E Proulx, Wed Oct 3 13:25
      • Re: 95 tankRoy, Wed Oct 3 17:24
        Thanks George finally figured out how to do it 👍
    • TankRoy, Tue Oct 2 18:55
      The tank Iím talking about is way before the storage depot .
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