Jon Stevens
LVT Model
Sat Oct 20, 2018 23:06

Would be interested to see the result of your project!


  • lvt-1 1/35 printing in 3Delcaminokid, Sun Sep 30 21:16
    Hello everyone, While this is not a site for models I being a Marine 76/81 Felt I should share this with you. I am now printing the 1st ever LVT-1 in 1/35 scale on a 3D printer it will take over 18... more
    • LVT Model — Jon Stevens, Sat Oct 20 23:06
      • prototype lvt-1elcaminokid, Sun Nov 18 11:05
        I finally made the Armored lvt-1 in 3D until I can find out how to get photos on this site, contact me will have to do. semper fi, Danny.
        • LVT ModelJon, Sun Nov 18 14:00
          You have to include a link for pictures. So you cannot directly post a picture. Jon
      • lvt-1 1/35 printing in 3Delcaminokid, Sun Oct 21 06:18
        Hi Jon, If you send me your email I can get photos to you my email address is in my original message, Thanks, Danny.
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