Peter McQuarrie
Sun Oct 21, 2018 13:47

Hi George,
It might be helpful to know that the white coral sand at Betio (and at other atolls) is quite a coarse sand, much more so than the fine white sand you might find on volcanic islands. To the Japanese, Betio's coral sand was much too weak for their military fortifications, they imported sand to build those. Rgds, Peter

  • Re: Betio sandGeorge E Proulx, Sun Oct 21 11:44
    Thank you very much Peter. That is a great help. Now all I have to figure out is what to use on my display that looks realistic in scale. LOL
    • sand — Peter McQuarrie, Sun Oct 21 13:47
      • echo that. mark, Thu Nov 1 11:56
        The sand Bob George sent me was fairly coarse and white.
        • Re: echo that. George E Proulx, Thu Nov 1 12:24
          In black & white pics of the battle the sand does look very, very light. I just wondered if the coral churned up during the assault discolored the beach sand at all and to any degree noticeable. No... more
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