Scott Freund
Bonnyman's Bunker Films
Fri Nov 16, 2018 18:36

I had the great opportunity to meet Clay Bonnyman Evans recently at a Tarawa event in Alabama. That meeting has made me focus on the attack of the bunker. I have spent the last 16 hours reviewing films and photos to put together the attack on the bunker start to finish. Much of what is seen in documentaries is edited and you miss most of the film footage, I have edited my footage and clipped pieces back together for longer clips. I went to the National Archives and collected hours of films and hundreds of photos. Bonnyman was part of the Marine Shore Party and had a white band on his right thigh, as you watch the films look for him. Also he did not have a camouflage helmet cover, as you watch you will notice one Marine at the top of the bunker without a helmet cover.

I look forward to hearing your opinions. The video is on YouTube follow the link

    • Alabama Tarawa MeetingKurt A Barickman, Sun Nov 18 17:58
      Curious, what kind of Tarawa meeting or discussion occurred in Alabama? Thanks in advance, Kuirt
      • Alabama Tarawa reenactmentJon Stevens, Mon Nov 19 01:25
        Kurt, It was a WWII reenactment of the Tarawa Invasion. I met Clay Bonneyman Evans there and shared a Higgins boat ride with him. Here is a YouTube video I found. Job
    • Thank you!Durk Steed, Sat Nov 17 19:40
      Scott, You've put together a wonderful resource. Great work. Thanks for sharing. Lot to learn from the clips you've put together. Thanks again, Durk
    • Thank youdrweiler, Sat Nov 17 01:43
      Thank you for sharing. Semper Fi, Don
    • Bonneyman FilmJON , Fri Nov 16 23:54
      Outstanding!!!! I will have to watch this several times. Lastly, I was there at Alabama too. Jon
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