Tom Godwin
Re: Fold 3
Sat Dec 8, 2018 15:30

Slow is right George. Credits/descriptions were somewhat lacking for sure. NARA is equally interesting to navigate for lack of better words. One thing they do have, once you get to them, are remarkable resolution on their photos. Probably reruns here but are amazingly clear on enlargements. Someone may find something new. I found a picture of Hatch I had not seen before and marked it accordingly. This is a lot quicker than trying to find them up there and can be scanned quickly. Still looking for just one....

  • Fold 3George Proulx, Fri Dec 7 17:40
    I've seen these pics on Fold 3 albeit a slow process to navigate. Curious how so many are credited to bomb damage by planes of the 7th Army Air Force! LOL
    • Re: Fold 3 — Tom Godwin, Sat Dec 8 15:30
      • Nara photosKT, Wed Apr 3 18:25
        The site posted a ton of photos for both Coast Guard and Navy/Marines - here is one link for each
        • NARA photosTom Godwin, Fri Apr 5 11:15
          I have been up there (NARA online) occasionally to look and found that I pretty much had peeled most of them out. Thought the same when I looked again but I am finding a few new ones. It is a very... more
          • MALWAREmatt holly, Sat Apr 6 05:23
            I downloaded a bunch of these photos and each had malware attached to it, be careful.
            • Re: MALWARETom Godwin, Sun Apr 7 10:59
              Haven't experienced that 'yet'. JPGs were not usually vectors when I was in the business but anything is possible nowadays. I run downloads thru two different checks and keep protection up to date.... more
        • more
      • Re: Fold 3George Proulx, Sat Dec 8 19:54
        I saw the pic of Hatch Tom. One that struck me also was the shot of the men out on the pier taking cover behind a folded up 75mm pack howitzer with dead Marines at their feet and all around them.... more
        • Re Fold3Tom Godwin, Sat Dec 8 21:56
          That picture out on the pier was a new one for me, George. I agree. I do believe it is one of the more powerful images amongst the hundreds out there that I have seen to date. Definitely... more
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