Re: Fold 3
Sat Dec 8, 2018 19:54

I saw the pic of Hatch Tom. One that struck me also was the shot of the men out on the pier taking cover behind a folded up 75mm pack howitzer with dead Marines at their feet and all around them. Light has washed out some of the pic but it is still a poignant scene. It is pic 127-gr-18-129-64325 _

  • Re: Fold 3Tom Godwin, Sat Dec 8 15:30
    Slow is right George. Credits/descriptions were somewhat lacking for sure. NARA is equally interesting to navigate for lack of better words. One thing they do have, once you get to them, are... more
    • Nara photosKT, Wed Apr 3 18:25
      The site posted a ton of photos for both Coast Guard and Navy/Marines - here is one link for each
      • NARA photosTom Godwin, Fri Apr 5 11:15
        I have been up there (NARA online) occasionally to look and found that I pretty much had peeled most of them out. Thought the same when I looked again but I am finding a few new ones. It is a very... more
        • MALWAREmatt holly, Sat Apr 6 05:23
          I downloaded a bunch of these photos and each had malware attached to it, be careful.
          • Re: MALWARETom Godwin, Sun Apr 7 10:59
            Haven't experienced that 'yet'. JPGs were not usually vectors when I was in the business but anything is possible nowadays. I run downloads thru two different checks and keep protection up to date.... more
      • more
    • Re: Fold 3 — George Proulx, Sat Dec 8 19:54
      • Re Fold3Tom Godwin, Sat Dec 8 21:56
        That picture out on the pier was a new one for me, George. I agree. I do believe it is one of the more powerful images amongst the hundreds out there that I have seen to date. Definitely... more
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