Tom Godwin
NARA photos
Fri Apr 5, 2019 11:15

I have been up there (NARA online) occasionally to look and found that I pretty much had peeled most of them out. Thought the same when I looked again but I am finding a few new ones. It is a very time consuming process to review them all but intend to do so nonetheless. Thanks! I hope they continue to post the entire series. One of the combat photographers stated that over a 1000 stills had been taken of the battle. Even with all the contributions here on TOTW and from other places, if the number is correct, there are many more to be found....

  • Nara photosKT, Wed Apr 3 18:25
    The site posted a ton of photos for both Coast Guard and Navy/Marines - here is one link for each
    • NARA photos — Tom Godwin, Fri Apr 5 11:15
      • MALWAREmatt holly, Sat Apr 6 05:23
        I downloaded a bunch of these photos and each had malware attached to it, be careful.
        • Re: MALWARETom Godwin, Sun Apr 7 10:59
          Haven't experienced that 'yet'. JPGs were not usually vectors when I was in the business but anything is possible nowadays. I run downloads thru two different checks and keep protection up to date.... more
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