Joseph S. Meloro
WWII Veterans
Mon Apr 15, 2019 18:48

I just wanted to say thank you to Jon Stevens for providing this website. I was able to speak to many Marine veterans on this talk forum through the years and learned many valuable things about my father's time as a US Marine.

I have not been on this forum in many years. I can think of the great men like Bill Haddad, Howard Frost, and Col.Bale who shared their stories with us. WWII Marines are my greatest heroes. The more that I study the Pacific battles, the more appreciation that I have for what they did, and miss them even more now that most are gone. When I first posted here back around 2000, I wish we had the resources to study the war as we do today.

If you get a chance to meet at WWII veteran, please never forget to shake their hand thank them for their actions. God bless.


Joseph S. Meloro, son of MTSgt. Francis A. Meloro 2nd Signal Company, 2nd Marine Division Special Troops - Tarawa; and H&S 2/8 USMC - Saipan and Tinian.

    • Re: WWII VeteransRick Sikkema, Sun Apr 21 16:04
      I certainly agree. It's been a special blessing to interact with the vets here. Rick Sikkema, nephew of Charles Sikkema Fox, 2/8, Tarawa and Saipan.
    • Re: WWII VeteransTom Godwin, Wed Apr 17 09:34
      I agree, Joseph, and I am also thankful that Jon put TOTW together. I came here early as well but life pulled me away for a number of years. I had a lot to catch up on. As for the Marines of WW2, I... more
      • WWII Veterans Joseph S. Meloro, Wed Apr 17 20:59
        Well said Tom. I hope the best for the future generations because history and appreciation of sacrifice are not their strong points. We would not be here but for those brave men 75 years ago. I have... more
        • Thanks!Jon Stevens, Thu Apr 18 09:44
          Thanks for the kind words. My next project is to get all of TT in an archive on the website. I started all this for fun to organize research and to find members of my dad's outfit. I found Bill... more
          • Bob GeorgeJoseph S. Meloro, Sat Apr 20 17:08
            I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with Bob and his lovely wife Shirley in Reno, Nevada back in 2002. We met here on Tarawa Talk and spent years talking. He was a tough little Marine whose... more
            • Re: Bob Georgehockstedler, Sat Apr 20 23:45
              I want to also thank all those WWII Veterans who have and if any still are around continuing to contribute if not directly or though others as they tell the story. I was very happy a couple of years... more
              • Bill HockstedlerJoseph S. Meloro, Sun Apr 21 17:44
                What wire section was your father in? My father was the communication chief for H&S/2/8 during the Saipan and Tinian operations. They had wire and radio sections.
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