Re: Bob George
Sat Apr 20, 2019 23:45

I want to also thank all those WWII Veterans who have and if any still are around continuing to contribute if not directly or though others as they tell the story.
I was very happy a couple of years ago finally see my father (Earl Olaf Hockstedler, (Bill Hockstedler) show up in a few photos. One at Tarawa and one at Saipan. Sargent Hockstedler was in the 2nd Division and was part of the Wire Section. He is seen in one photo holding a little dog.
He told my younger brother once (I did not hear it direct) that he only shot one man directly (I am sure there we others hit by in direct fire). He was coming around the corner of a little building or hut when he came face to face with the enemy and each had their rifles pointed at each other and my dad took the first (an only shot) he figured it was him or the other guy. Glad he made that choice or I would not be here. Sorry for the enemy but that is why war is terrible.

  • Bob GeorgeJoseph S. Meloro, Sat Apr 20 17:08
    I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with Bob and his lovely wife Shirley in Reno, Nevada back in 2002. We met here on Tarawa Talk and spent years talking. He was a tough little Marine whose... more
    • Re: Bob George — hockstedler, Sat Apr 20 23:45
      • Bill HockstedlerJoseph S. Meloro, Sun Apr 21 17:44
        What wire section was your father in? My father was the communication chief for H&S/2/8 during the Saipan and Tinian operations. They had wire and radio sections.
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