LVT 13
Thu May 2, 2019 01:52

I believe that LVT 13 was actually 13 1/3 (13 and one-third painted as a fraction).

I have a video screen capture of it on the beach, facing the seawall. It looks like Red Beach 2 in the background, but I'm not certain. I believe that a 2nd Amtrac Bn Marine named Goldtrap was killed while landing in it.


  • LvtsRoy, Wed May 1 18:59
    Does anybody know the location of LVT 13 on the birds beak ?
    • LVT 13 1/2Al Guerrero, Wed May 8 18:51
      Hello Roy, LVT 13 1/2 landed on Red Beach 1, next to the anti boat gun pits. I did have a photo posted here on TOTW but it has been removed. I would use Photobucket to help post photos but I can not... more
      • Image StationGeorge Proulx, Wed May 8 21:43
        I use IMGUR Al. No charge and I find it easy to use.
    • LVT 13 — Jim Hildebrand, Thu May 2 01:52
      • Red One LVT'sGeorge Proulx, Thu May 2 16:22
        • Correction - LVT 13 1/2 not 13 1/3.Jim Hildebrand, Fri May 3 05:50
          Hello George, I was in error about Goldie's LVT being 13 1/3, it was 13 1/2. Thank you very much for the URL about Goldie. It is extremely well written and I see that our friend Al Guerreo is... more
          • Re: Correction - LVT 13 1/2 not 13 1/3.Mark, Sat May 4 01:13
            Thanks for the additional info Jim. I too read the entire story it was fascinating. Really puts you there. We don't get that many stories from Tarawa with so much in depth personal interactions. Mark
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