Clay Bonnyman Evans
Lt. Roy H. Elrod USMC at Tarawa
Tue May 7, 2019 06:17

I was privileged to be able to interview Roy for my book about my grandfather, 1st Lt. Alexander Bonnyman, Jr., "Bones of My Grandfather." Roy gave me a bird's-eye view of my grandfather's final moments atop the bunker, from Roy's position as gunner on the south door.

Like you, I was fascinated to hear from Roy that a shell strike exposed the ventilation shafts atop the bunker, which facilitated Bonnyman's plan to take the position.

I was very sad that Roy died in 2016, before the book was published. He was truly a linchpin in helping me understand my grandfather's story.

  • Lt. Roy H. Elrod USMC at Tarawanigel_moore, Sun May 5 09:05
    In the assault on Tarawa Elrod commanded the Second Platoon of the Regimental Weapons Company, attached to Crowe's Second Batallion, Eighth Marines. The platoon was part of the fourth wave and landed ... more
    • Lt. Roy H. Elrod USMC at Tarawa — Clay Bonnyman Evans, Tue May 7 06:17
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