George Proulx
Re: Re Coordinates
Fri May 10, 2019 16:21

Would not the initial two letters indicate the map 'series' being used so that everyone involved "was on the same page" so to speak? That way all parties could read the actual coordinates as identical. That is the way we did it in Vietnam anyway.

  • Re CoordinatesTom Godwin, Fri May 10 16:07
    Thanks George. That makes perfect sense but those sector/square numbers are fairly large. When I see a number like 'KH 195123' referring to an anti-boat gun location, it feels a lot more granular. I... more
    • Re: Re Coordinates — George Proulx, Fri May 10 16:21
      • Two lettersTom Godwin, Thu May 16 11:33
        George, very much appreciated your input. Basic numbering was simple. I got too caught up with the two letters. There were two-letter coordinates for large areas used in WW2 but I don't believe they... more
      • Re: CoordinatesTom Godwin, Fri May 10 17:06
        That, too, makes sense George. The closest I can get to understanding how the alpha numeric coordinates are referenced is this target map from Iwo Jima. It makes sense that there are alpha squares... more
        • Possible exampleGeorge Proulx, Fri May 10 18:00
          Target Area 164 Charlie. Grid 201 500 achieved by dividing the Charlie square into 100 additional squares and read from the bottom left up (IE. 201) then across to the right (IE. 500). So the exact... more
          • 'Read right up'drweiler, Sat May 11 08:11
            I remember that clue from Map Reading training at Quantico in the late 60's. I sent Tom attachment of my Map. Semper Fi, Don
            • Don's mapsTom Godwin, Sat May 11 09:20
              Thanks Don! This is pretty cool. More to chew on here. Looks like Lt Greene used the back to spot gunfire on the back of map. I understand what George sent on Iwo map and it makes perfect sense but... more
          • OOPSGeorge Proulx, Fri May 10 18:09
            Sorry - got that backwards. The coordinates should be read to the right and then up. Not up and to the right. So, 201 500 would be just over 2/10ths to the right and then half-way up the Charlie... more
            • Re: OOPSTom Godwin, Fri May 10 19:47
              Thanks, George! I obviously am not a candidate for cryptographic corps :) I will need to absorb this. Still looks like the Tarawa map would require additional detail to zero in on an area.
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