George E Proulx
not an expert but
Thu May 30, 2019 14:11

I would bet on this being a clerical error based on bad info at the time. I know in my own case, I am not mentioned in the unit journal as ever having reported for duty in Vietnam but I am noted as departing - on the wrong date!

  • 1/8 Landings & Casualty DatesGeoffrey, Thu May 30 09:07
    Hello all, The recent identification of PFC John T. Burke (B/1/8) from Tarawa's MIA list raised a subject I hadn't previously considered. Burke was originally reported as MIA from his organization on ... more
    • Re: 1/8 Landings & DatesTom Godwin, Thu May 30 23:32
      Agree with George. I have found a number of errors in the rolls over time. November roll had the following for a private in my dad's squad who was WIA: E. 20, recd GSW back in action against enemy on ... more
      • Re: 1/8 Landings & DatesGeoffrey, Fri May 31 12:16
        Thanks for the insights, Tom & George. I agree, the old records are not always accurate; it's not the first time I've come across such errors. However, it's rare I think to have one on this scale... more
    • not an expert but — George E Proulx, Thu May 30 14:11
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