Tom Godwin
Re: 1/8 Landings & Dates
Thu May 30, 2019 23:32

Agree with George. I have found a number of errors in the rolls over time. November roll had the following for a private in my dad's squad who was WIA:

E. 20, recd GSW back in action against enemy on Betio Is, Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert Is; 20, evac to USS Monrovia. 20-30, abd USS Monrovia.

However, the diary of the USS Ormsby shows he was brought on board that ship Nov 22 at 1930 hours with other wounded from shore including another member of the squad who I know did not get out until the 22nd. It then shows him transferring to the USS Monrovia on 24th.

As much as it is great to have source information, I have found that if you are looking for some level of certainty, it is better to have multiple sources that align.

  • 1/8 Landings & Casualty DatesGeoffrey, Thu May 30 09:07
    Hello all, The recent identification of PFC John T. Burke (B/1/8) from Tarawa's MIA list raised a subject I hadn't previously considered. Burke was originally reported as MIA from his organization on ... more
    • Re: 1/8 Landings & Dates — Tom Godwin, Thu May 30 23:32
      • Re: 1/8 Landings & DatesGeoffrey, Fri May 31 12:16
        Thanks for the insights, Tom & George. I agree, the old records are not always accurate; it's not the first time I've come across such errors. However, it's rare I think to have one on this scale... more
    • not an expert butGeorge E Proulx, Thu May 30 14:11
      I would bet on this being a clerical error based on bad info at the time. I know in my own case, I am not mentioned in the unit journal as ever having reported for duty in Vietnam but I am noted as... more
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