George E Proulx
Re: Japanese MGs
Thu Jun 6, 2019 15:02

Hi Joe. Records show that the Japanese had four twin mount Type 92 13.2mm pedestal mounted heavy machine-guns on the island. Two were situated on top of the fire control block house behind the two twin mount 127mm batteries on Black Beach One on the south side of Betio. Their long range surely permitted them to fire across the island to the north and hit the Marines approaching the beaches. Closer to the Red Beaches were two more twin mount 13.2mm guns. One was on the very tip of the 'Bird's Beak' of Red Beach One and until knocked out must have done some significant damage. The other was in the airfield triangle where the two run ways meet near Red Beach Three. There were several other single mount 13.2mm guns along the lagoon side of Betio including a four gun battery on the west side of the two twin 127mm AA guns just east of Red Beach Three. The Japanese had uncounted numbers of 6.6mm and 7.7mm light machine guns all around the island beaches so undoubtedly the Red Beaches were well protected by many of those guns.

  • Japanese MGsJoseph S. Meloro, Wed Jun 5 23:07
    I just saw some interesting live-fire videos of Jap machineguns. I watched the Type 11 light machinegun and the Type 92 heavy machinegun. Which Japanese guns were primarily used on the red beaches at ... more
    • Re: Japanese MGs — George E Proulx, Thu Jun 6 15:02
      • Re: Japanese MGsGeorge E Proulx, Thu Jun 6 15:07
        Sorry, should have typed 6.5mm light machine guns. Just another note. The Japanese also had two 13.2mm heavy machine guns on top of the huge Headquarters Blockhouse east of Red Beach Three. Those two ... more
        • Japanese MGsJoseph Meloro, Sat Jun 8 17:41
          Thank you George. Great information. The Type 92 that I saw in the video was a 7.7mm. It was much slower than the rate of fire that I had heard the Japanese used. It sounded like a typewriter. I am... more
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