Joseph Meloro
Japanese MGs
Sat Jun 8, 2019 17:41

Thank you George. Great information.

The Type 92 that I saw in the video was a 7.7mm. It was much slower than the rate of fire that I had heard the Japanese used. It sounded like a typewriter. I am guessing the high rate of fire reputation was from the Japanese light MGs.

The Type 92 had stripper clips that fed into the left side. I guess you can link the 30 round clips together but it seemed like a poor design compared to our metal and cloth link belts. The 92 also had a unique double wooden handled spade grip. It had iron sights and removable glass optics. It has four quick detach handles on the gun mount so the crew could move the weapon to a new location.

A double mounted 13.2mm would cause great damage like our twin M2 .50cal HMGs. Unbelievable the amount of guns the Marines had to attack. It was like a WWI battle. It was also like the Civil War Battle of Fredericksburg with wave after wave going forward to the stone wall while being cut down. It was amazing that the Marines of WWII overcame these weapons and won in the end.

  • Re: Japanese MGsGeorge E Proulx, Thu Jun 6 15:07
    Sorry, should have typed 6.5mm light machine guns. Just another note. The Japanese also had two 13.2mm heavy machine guns on top of the huge Headquarters Blockhouse east of Red Beach Three. Those two ... more
    • Japanese MGs — Joseph Meloro, Sat Jun 8 17:41
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