Tom Godwin
Thu Aug 1, 2019 15:37

IF on Red 2, the last one I see in a pictures on Red 2 is 44 (Little Beans). If you look close at the aerial, you see an LVT in the same position as the ground level photo.... Obviously not near Cecilia though....

  • Re: LVT George E Proulx, Thu Aug 1 15:20
    I think Roy is looking "in between red beach one and two does anybody know the name Or number of the LVT closer to red beach one" Not on Red Beach One. So I assume at the boundary area where in fact... more
    • RE: LVT — Tom Godwin, Thu Aug 1 15:37
      • RE: LVT George E Proulx, Thu Aug 1 15:59
        Correct. As I said. Near COBRA. I think Roy needs to clarify which tank (and lvt) he is talking about.
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