Kim Righetti
Thu Aug 1, 2019 16:44

Hi Brent, You are very welcome! K

  • Book OrderBrent A Peterson, Thu Aug 1 06:23
    Kim, I received your book order through Amazon and recognized your name from the forum. Thank you very much for your order, and I hope you will enjoy reading it. Thank you!. I also want to thank you... more
    • Book — Kim Righetti, Thu Aug 1 16:44
      • Book OrderBrent A Peterson, Thu Aug 1 18:31
        Kim, I signed your book and shipped it today. I usually don't sign Amazon sales and my wife reminded me that you may have purchased the book as an intended gift. If you did, I will have to send you... more
        • Signed BookKim Righetti, Thu Aug 1 19:05
          I am honored that you signed the book! What a kind gesture. Can't wait to get it!
    • BookDonna Werner, Thu Aug 1 09:38
      I was very interested to read this post Brent! My father also served with the Marines and fought on Tarawa, Saipan and Tinian and he lived pretty close to East Aurora: Rochester! I'm going to order... more
      • Re: BookBrent A Peterson, Thu Aug 1 18:34
        Donna, We Received your Amazon order today. I don't usually sign books sold through Amazon, but if you would like it signed, I will do so. Please reply to this message to let me know. It will be... more
        • BookDonna Werner, Thu Aug 1 19:22
          Brent, I would love for you to sign the book, thank you so much! My father (Donald Wm. Pearson) was in the 2nd Marine Div., 1st Corp. Medium Tank Battalion, "C" (Charlie) Company (on Tarawa). "A"... more
          • Don Pearson - Clipperjonathan stevens, Fri Aug 2 12:05
            Donna, Have you seen this: or Would you have any pictures of your dad that could be added to Tarawa on the Web? Jon... more
            • Pictures DONNA Werner , Fri Aug 2 12:13
              Hi! Yes! I have some pictures. Iíll get them together and post them later this weekend! Thank you for asking.
              • Pearson and Clipperjonathan stevens, Fri Aug 2 15:42
                Donna, Thanks for considering. If easier you can email to me at the above address. Jon
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