Brent A Peterson
Book Order
Thu Aug 1, 2019 18:31

I signed your book and shipped it today. I usually don't sign Amazon sales and my wife reminded me that you may have purchased the book as an intended gift. If you did, I will have to send you another copy. If the book is for you, I hope you don't mind the signature; my wife is correct, one should not write in another's book unless asked to do so!
Brent A. Peterson

  • BookKim Righetti, Thu Aug 1 16:44
    Hi Brent, You are very welcome! K
    • Book Order — Brent A Peterson, Thu Aug 1 18:31
      • Signed BookKim Righetti, Thu Aug 1 19:05
        I am honored that you signed the book! What a kind gesture. Can't wait to get it!
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