Tom Godwin
Re: A hit on the beak
Sat Aug 3, 2019 15:28

Thanks, George. I thought about that too. There is a fighter, maybe a hellcat at about 1 o'clock , perhaps an escort? Other pics from the earlier air strike I've seen are at high altitude. Also, no clock in the bottom right. There are others like the one below labeled strike #2 with the date of the 20th of tracs coming in. Not sure what the label 'strike' even means in this situation... Makes me wonder if the 1st one isn't from D-Day still... These are new for me...

  • Re: A hit on the beakGeorge E Proulx, Sat Aug 3 12:09
    I always thought that this was taken during the pre-invasion naval air strikes. We know of course that the naval gunnery bombardment did not begin until the morning of the landing. Except for the... more
    • Re: hit on the beakTom Godwin, Sat Aug 3 23:31
      George, did you mean the strike aircraft from the fast carriers that were suppose to initiate the action with a half-hour bombing raid at 0545 but did not really come on the scene until 0610 on D-Day ... more
      • Re: hit on the beakGeorge E Proulx, Sun Aug 4 16:03
        No there were daily carrier strikes before the invasion.
    • Re: A hit on the beak — Tom Godwin, Sat Aug 3 15:28
      • Re: A hit on the beaknigel_moore, Wed Aug 7 12:06
        Thank you for sharing all of these photographs. Surely though the caption on this one is very clear? At both top left and at bottom left it is marked D-2 (D-Day minus two, so this is a pre-invasion... more
        • re: hit on the beakTom Godwin, Wed Aug 7 12:51
          Surely you are right, Nigel, as was George and likely everyone except me. Too easy! I was not familiar with the pre-invasion strikes just before D-Day. Also, there is a photo with D-2 with the '2'... more
          • Re: A hit on the beaknigel_moore, Thu Aug 8 01:08
            My apologies, Tom. I see where you were starting from now. Welcome to the Tarawa explorer's club. :-) All the best.
            • Re: a hit on the beakTom Godwin, Thu Aug 8 11:33
              None required, Nigel. There is still plenty to learn and find out there for me. Thanks again for the assist!
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