Tom Godwin
Re: hit on the beak
Sat Aug 3, 2019 23:31

George, did you mean the strike aircraft from the fast carriers that were suppose to initiate the action with a half-hour bombing raid at 0545 but did not really come on the scene until 0610 on D-Day ?

  • Re: A hit on the beakGeorge E Proulx, Sat Aug 3 12:09
    I always thought that this was taken during the pre-invasion naval air strikes. We know of course that the naval gunnery bombardment did not begin until the morning of the landing. Except for the... more
    • Re: hit on the beak — Tom Godwin, Sat Aug 3 23:31
      • Re: hit on the beakGeorge E Proulx, Sun Aug 4 16:03
        No there were daily carrier strikes before the invasion.
    • Re: A hit on the beakTom Godwin, Sat Aug 3 15:28
      Thanks, George. I thought about that too. There is a fighter, maybe a hellcat at about 1 o'clock , perhaps an escort? Other pics from the earlier air strike I've seen are at high altitude. Also, no... more
      • Re: A hit on the beaknigel_moore, Wed Aug 7 12:06
        Thank you for sharing all of these photographs. Surely though the caption on this one is very clear? At both top left and at bottom left it is marked D-2 (D-Day minus two, so this is a pre-invasion... more
        • re: hit on the beakTom Godwin, Wed Aug 7 12:51
          Surely you are right, Nigel, as was George and likely everyone except me. Too easy! I was not familiar with the pre-invasion strikes just before D-Day. Also, there is a photo with D-2 with the '2'... more
          • Re: A hit on the beaknigel_moore, Thu Aug 8 01:08
            My apologies, Tom. I see where you were starting from now. Welcome to the Tarawa explorer's club. :-) All the best.
            • Re: a hit on the beakTom Godwin, Thu Aug 8 11:33
              None required, Nigel. There is still plenty to learn and find out there for me. Thanks again for the assist!
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