Re: Remaining Aerials
Thu Aug 8, 2019 01:18

Yes you are correct on #75. The 3 LVTs can be seen in a couple of the pics. 27 and 39 inside of a pre-invasion heavy bomb crater that destroyed the base of the Burns-Phillip Wharf. Hidden in the pawl of smoke is Bonnyman's Hill. In the water to the left of the damaged wharf is an empty Japanese barge, then a privy and then two Japanese Daihatsu landing barges. On the beach to the left of the wharf is the steel pyramid pillbox that held the Marines in check for 2 days. Immediately left of the pillbox is a heavily sandbagged sand covered beachfront personnel shelter that supplied Japanese to that defense for those 2 days. To the right of the wharf is LVT-1 #27 & 39 then #33, a privy or two and then what looks like an SPM Half-Track pointed toward the seawall at that privy. The large building at the steel pillbox would have burned to the ground by the third day when the area was finally taken by the Marines.

  • Re: Remaining AerialsTom Godwin, Wed Aug 7 22:37
    Yes... I see all of it, George. Amazing to see those guys looking up on Green Beach. There is something else submerged just north of the LVT-2? One of the things I caught before actually going blind... more
    • Re: Remaining Aerials — George E Proulx, Thu Aug 8 01:18
      • Re: Remaining AerialsTom Godwin, Thu Aug 8 11:27
        Some interesting history of that area, George. Thanks for the great detail! Iím still digging for info and hope to find more. These aerials sure do bring it all to lifeÖ.
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