Al Guerrero
Re: 2 Amtracs
Thu Aug 8, 2019 21:11

From what I can make out and following the sequence of the photos, the two LVT-1's facing each other are off of Red-1. Notice all the tracks imprinted in the coral. They are LVTs and most likely M4 tracks. the LVTs look as if they were using this path as the transfer line to get Marines to the beach.

Thanks Tom , GREAT STUFF!!


  • 2 Amtracsjonathan stevens, Thu Aug 8 15:42
    Looks like one of the tracks is on fire.
    • Re: 2 Amtracs — Al Guerrero, Thu Aug 8 21:11
      • Re: 2 AmtracsTom Godwin, Thu Aug 8 21:50
        Hey Al ! Definitely off Red1 but further out. I think Jon's right about one burning/smoking. I believe it is leaking oil too. If you look at #011 and enlarge it, you can see the same two tracs on the ... more
        • Re: 2 AmtracsAl Guerrero, Thu Aug 8 23:53
          Hi Tom, I do see the figures in that image. Jon is right, it is smoldering. George also has a keen eye on the sunken LVT-2 off Red-2. And to confirm, I AM HAVING FUN CHECKING OUT THESE PHOTOS!! All... more
          • Re: 2 AmtracsAl Guerrero, Fri Aug 9 00:03
            Just found the location of photo #81, look at photo #28 upper left corner. The swirl in the sand is the water. Al
            • Re: 2 AmtracsTom Godwin, Fri Aug 9 09:47
              Yep. #29 shows both of the LVT-1s. I think the cameraman couldn't help but take that picture in #81. Unique amongst the photos here.
              • Re: 2 AmtracsGeorge E Proulx, Fri Aug 9 19:13
                So many derelict LVTs shown. Nine in the water and another eight or nine on the beach!
                • Re: 2 AmtracsTom Godwin, Sat Aug 10 21:52
                  The still picture belies how terrible it must have been. I think I recall that thirty something could not be accounted for (sunk)? The more you find, the more you understand just how really bad it... more
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