Tom Godwin
Re: 2 Amtracs
Thu Aug 8, 2019 21:50

Hey Al ! Definitely off Red1 but further out. I think Jon's right about one burning/smoking. I believe it is leaking oil too. If you look at #011 and enlarge it, you can see the same two tracs on the horizon to the northwest. I believe they show up in some other pics as well. Yes, the pics are great! Hope you are having as much fun as George :)

  • Re: 2 AmtracsAl Guerrero, Thu Aug 8 21:11
    From what I can make out and following the sequence of the photos, the two LVT-1's facing each other are off of Red-1. Notice all the tracks imprinted in the coral. They are LVTs and most likely M4... more
    • Re: 2 Amtracs — Tom Godwin, Thu Aug 8 21:50
      • Re: 2 AmtracsAl Guerrero, Thu Aug 8 23:53
        Hi Tom, I do see the figures in that image. Jon is right, it is smoldering. George also has a keen eye on the sunken LVT-2 off Red-2. And to confirm, I AM HAVING FUN CHECKING OUT THESE PHOTOS!! All... more
        • Re: 2 AmtracsAl Guerrero, Fri Aug 9 00:03
          Just found the location of photo #81, look at photo #28 upper left corner. The swirl in the sand is the water. Al
          • Re: 2 AmtracsTom Godwin, Fri Aug 9 09:47
            Yep. #29 shows both of the LVT-1s. I think the cameraman couldn't help but take that picture in #81. Unique amongst the photos here.
            • Re: 2 AmtracsGeorge E Proulx, Fri Aug 9 19:13
              So many derelict LVTs shown. Nine in the water and another eight or nine on the beach!
              • Re: 2 AmtracsTom Godwin, Sat Aug 10 21:52
                The still picture belies how terrible it must have been. I think I recall that thirty something could not be accounted for (sunk)? The more you find, the more you understand just how really bad it... more
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