Tom Godwin
Re: 2 Amtracs
Sat Aug 10, 2019 21:52

The still picture belies how terrible it must have been. I think I recall that thirty something could not be accounted for (sunk)? The more you find, the more you understand just how really bad it was; especially off Red 1. The evidence here clearly shows that. A Sgt Eugene Johnson who served with my dad stated in 1998 that they had only about 25 casualties at Guadalcanal over 5 months relating that nobody ever anticipated what they encountered at Tarawa. That Tarawa was a shock and that he still shuddered whenever he thought about it.....

  • Re: 2 AmtracsGeorge E Proulx, Fri Aug 9 19:13
    So many derelict LVTs shown. Nine in the water and another eight or nine on the beach!
    • Re: 2 Amtracs — Tom Godwin, Sat Aug 10 21:52
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