Re: posting pics from iphone
Mon Aug 12, 2019 14:10

You need to join and log on to a photo hosting service. I use IMGUR (google it) because it is free and easy. Then you must Upload your pic(s) to the service and once they show up you can post them anywhere. Select the pic you want to post here. To the right of the pic will be a series of choices. At the bottom right select 'Large Thumbnail'. Go up the list to the HTML line and select 'COPY'. Exit IMGUR and come here to the Tarawa on the Web forum window and left click your mouse to select 'Paste' Preview it to make sure it is as big as you want. Then select post. What I do is I log onto IMGUR. Then I minimize it to my task bar. Then I log onto the net again separately and log onto Tarawa on the Web so I can go from window to window and do my thing.

  • posting pics from iphoneRick Sikkema, Mon Aug 12 11:03
    I have a pic of my uncle's unit, 1st platoon, Fox Co. 2/8, taken in NZ before the assault. Can someone walk me thru how to post to the site? Thx.
    • Re: posting pics from iphone — George E Proulx, Mon Aug 12 14:10
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