Re: LVT #2? on Red-1
Mon Aug 12, 2019 18:24

Does anyone know what these two vehicles are in the photo. One is at about 10 o'clock and the other is near 12 o'clock. I'm guessing the upper vehicle is a Japanese tank. Note the tracks in the sand near both. LVT-1 #44 'Little Beans' is hanging on the seawall and a pedestal mounted 13.2mm heavy machine-gun is in the square gun pit at the point. This was cropped and blown up from #322915 posted by Tom.

  • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1George E Proulx, Mon Aug 12 17:56
    Enlarged from which photo may I ask?
    • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1Al Guerrero, Mon Aug 12 22:51
      Hi George, here is the photo I took it from. This looks like it was taken several days after the battle. The LVT-1 I am lokking at is center bottom. I have the numbers to the other LVT-1 in this... more
      • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1George E Proulx, Tue Aug 13 12:14
        Hey Al, I am looking at the LVT-2 with the open engine hatch and trying to determine the number. I think it is 13 or maybe 33. Hard to tell. What do you think?
        • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1Al Guerrero, Tue Aug 13 13:47
          Hi George, I thought the number could be 2-35 or 2-33. LVT-2 #2-35 is in another photo heading towards Green Beach, but the number looks more like 2-33.
      • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1Tom Godwin, Tue Aug 13 09:47
        Hey Al, according to the Naval History and Heritage Command site, this photo was taken on the 22nd... By a plane from the USS Chenango. Beginning to think anything labeled from the Chenango was the... more
    • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1 — George E Proulx, Mon Aug 12 18:24
      • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1Al Guerrero, Tue Aug 13 14:11
        GEORGE!!! I believe this is a 75mm GMC M3! WHAT A FIND!
        • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1George E Proulx, Tue Aug 13 14:35
          Al & Tom, Since the only two 'SPM's to reach the island were Major Crowe's vehicles over on Red 3, this may be a pic of the final attack into "The Pocket" on the 23rd of November. Anyway, here is... more
          • Re: LVT#2? on Red-1Tom Godwin, Tue Aug 13 15:47
            Just when you think there are no more aerials! Great pic, George. In regard to pic 322915 wouldn't the shadows indicate this was later in the day? 1/8 action report says 75mm half tracks received at... more
            • Re: LVT#2? on Red-1Al Guerrero, Tue Aug 13 16:06
              Here are two more, I dont remeber h\where i got them at. must be from the same roll of flim. Al
        • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1George E Proulx, Tue Aug 13 14:19
          Yeah Al I was thinking the same thing. It sure looks like it. When was this image taken? If it is a GMC then the vehicle up at what I called 12 o'clock could me a Marine light tank. I don't see any... more
      • Re: Objects in #322915Tom Godwin, Tue Aug 13 09:14
        I was always pretty sure it was a Japanese tank at 12 o'clock, George. Never have been able to figure out the one at 10. One of the more interesting photos with lots of things in it. I have dates on... more
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