Al Guerrero
Re: LVT #2? on Red-1
Mon Aug 12, 2019 23:25

Could be 24 George, #24 landed on Red-1 but it lost a tread on the first run to the beach. #24 was taken to the salvage area after the battle. It coud have been repaired and put back into service.

#29 was not numbered in the "script" type lettering.

#27 was destroyed on Red-3.

I was hoping this was #22.

Thank you George, I will keep searching.


  • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1George E Proulx, Mon Aug 12 17:54
    Looks like 24 to me. 29 may have landed initially somewhere but was eventually sunk in the lagoon.
    • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1 — Al Guerrero, Mon Aug 12 23:25
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