Tom Godwin
Re: Objects in #322915
Tue Aug 13, 2019 09:14

I was always pretty sure it was a Japanese tank at 12 o'clock, George. Never have been able to figure out the one at 10. One of the more interesting photos with lots of things in it. I have dates on a couple of the flights from the USS Chenango of the 22nd. Not sure what date this one is. After your help with the map coordinates, this was the area (KH195123) that it came out to (subject to translation errors on my part) in an action report stating that there was an anti-boat gun that needed to be taken out. On D+3, 3/2 swung its right flank across the pothole area facing north toward the anti-tank ditch and hooked up with 1/8 at the revetments to surround one of the last areas to fall.

  • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1George E Proulx, Mon Aug 12 18:24
    Does anyone know what these two vehicles are in the photo. One is at about 10 o'clock and the other is near 12 o'clock. I'm guessing the upper vehicle is a Japanese tank. Note the tracks in the sand... more
    • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1Al Guerrero, Tue Aug 13 14:11
      GEORGE!!! I believe this is a 75mm GMC M3! WHAT A FIND!
      • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1George E Proulx, Tue Aug 13 14:35
        Al & Tom, Since the only two 'SPM's to reach the island were Major Crowe's vehicles over on Red 3, this may be a pic of the final attack into "The Pocket" on the 23rd of November. Anyway, here is... more
        • Re: LVT#2? on Red-1Tom Godwin, Tue Aug 13 15:47
          Just when you think there are no more aerials! Great pic, George. In regard to pic 322915 wouldn't the shadows indicate this was later in the day? 1/8 action report says 75mm half tracks received at... more
          • Re: LVT#2? on Red-1Al Guerrero, Tue Aug 13 16:06
            Here are two more, I dont remeber h\where i got them at. must be from the same roll of flim. Al
      • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1George E Proulx, Tue Aug 13 14:19
        Yeah Al I was thinking the same thing. It sure looks like it. When was this image taken? If it is a GMC then the vehicle up at what I called 12 o'clock could me a Marine light tank. I don't see any... more
    • Re: Objects in #322915 — Tom Godwin, Tue Aug 13 09:14
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