Re: LVT #2? on Red-1
Tue Aug 13, 2019 14:35

Al & Tom, Since the only two 'SPM's to reach the island were Major Crowe's vehicles over on Red 3, this may be a pic of the final attack into "The Pocket" on the 23rd of November. Anyway, here is another pic I came across showing the southeast area of the airfield triangle. Zooming in you can see Marines at ease in the Japanese trenches, poking around the shattered log revetment and one running across the taxi strip. Bonnyman's Hill is in the upper background and the Sherman Tank CANNONBALL is tilted into the open fuel pit just until the tail surface of the aircraft taking the picture.

  • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1Al Guerrero, Tue Aug 13 14:11
    GEORGE!!! I believe this is a 75mm GMC M3! WHAT A FIND!
    • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1 — George E Proulx, Tue Aug 13 14:35
      • Re: LVT#2? on Red-1Tom Godwin, Tue Aug 13 15:47
        Just when you think there are no more aerials! Great pic, George. In regard to pic 322915 wouldn't the shadows indicate this was later in the day? 1/8 action report says 75mm half tracks received at... more
        • Re: LVT#2? on Red-1Al Guerrero, Tue Aug 13 16:06
          Here are two more, I dont remeber h\where i got them at. must be from the same roll of flim. Al
    • Re: LVT #2? on Red-1George E Proulx, Tue Aug 13 14:19
      Yeah Al I was thinking the same thing. It sure looks like it. When was this image taken? If it is a GMC then the vehicle up at what I called 12 o'clock could me a Marine light tank. I don't see any... more
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