Clayton Bonnyman Evans
Durk Steed book
Thu Aug 15, 2019 07:56

Hi, Rick.

The book I referred to in "Bones of My Grandfather" was sent to me personally by Rev. Steed. It was self-published, but I don't know how many copies he made or are available.

If you'd like, please email me at claybonnyman (at) gmail and I can contact Rev. Steed for you to see if he has any copies available.

My copy of the book is currently in storage, but my recollection is that it is substantially photographs.

Clay Bonnyman Evans

  • Durk steedrick sikkema, Wed Aug 14 19:17
    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Rev Durk Steed's book, " Tarawa 1943; Red Beach 3?" Saw it listed as a reference in Clay Evans book.
    • Dirk Steedjonathan stevens, Thu Aug 15 08:49
      Dirk has been a regular contributor to Tarawa Talk. He will probably see the message. Not sure if I have a contact email for him. Jon
    • Durk Steed book — Clayton Bonnyman Evans, Thu Aug 15 07:56
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