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Thu Aug 22, 2019 14:34

Chris...I have written two books about the battle for Tarawa...Annihilation Beach deals with the background of the battle and D Day...and The Slaughter Pen deals with the fighting on D + 1. I am currently writing Book 3 and am about 75% done with it. I dedicated my story to Second Lieutenant Joe Sexton who was in C Company of the 1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment. 2Lt Sexton was killed at Tarawa...but I have no information on how he was killed or what he did during the battle. Joe grew up in my father's neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY and my dad remembers seeing him in his marine blues...I hope you have success in finding the info you are looking for! My two books can be found on Amazon.com if you have an interest in the battle...I made up a platoon of men and follow them through the battle...so it is a fact-based fiction story! Semper Fi!! Jim Dwyer

  • Requesting help for book on Tarawa, 1/2 Co. BChris DeRose, Sat Aug 17 17:04
    Hello, I was delighted to find this resource (I was searching for more information on the Kota Agoeng and the Marines who arrived at San Francisco on October 8.) I'm writing about one particular... more
    • Help for Book — Jim Dwyer, Thu Aug 22 14:34
      • Lt Sextonjonathan stevens, Fri Aug 23 08:53
        Jim, Please send me your email address and I will forward the casualty card for Lt. Sexton. My email should appear above. Jon
      • 2ndLt Joseph J SextonJim Hildebrand, Fri Aug 23 01:24
        Jim, Chaplain Willard's journal (see: http://www.tarawa1943.com/pages/Chaplain%20Willard%20Index.htm#sss ) states that 2ndLt Joseph J Sexton died on 22 NOV 1943 of a gunshot wound to the head. -Jim
        • Better URLJim Hildebrand, Sat Aug 24 18:07
          http://www.tarawa1943.com Try this one - then scroll down to "CHAPLAIN WILLARD'S WARTIME JOURNAL" near the bottom left.
          • Re: Better URLGeorge E Proulx, Sat Aug 24 19:41
            No it does not work because your contact info is highlighted at the top of each list no matter what letter is selected. I still get your E-Mail header in my mail program.
        • This is messed up!George E Proulx, Sat Aug 24 14:17
          Jim, When I click on the casualty link you posted, it shoots me to my E-Mail program with you in the addressee box!
          • http://www.tarawa1943.comJim Hildebrand, Mon Aug 26 14:05
            Hello George, I think what is happening is that when you click on a name in the list you are taken to my email. That is the way it is supposed to work. I typed out all the names on the scanned copies ... more
            • Re: http://www.tarawa1943.comGeorge E Proulx, Mon Aug 26 14:18
              Okay Jim. So only you have access to the list. Gotcha. I was just curious. I read books that mention names and wonder how they were killed as I try to put together the action. Thanks anyway.
              • Access to listJim Hildebrand, Mon Aug 26 14:32
                George, I know it sounds selfish at first, but I needed to have personal contact with those seeking the information. They might have info about my uncle and/or others who are important to me. But I... more
                • Re: Access to listGeorge E Proulx, Mon Aug 26 19:05
                  Thanks Jim. I'd appreciate that. cabin4891@msn.com
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