Access to list
Mon Aug 26, 2019 14:32

I know it sounds selfish at first, but I needed to have personal contact with those seeking the information. They might have info about my uncle and/or others who are important to me.
But I know that you are a serious researcher/historian and if you will send me an email address I will send you a PDF of all the pages for your personal use.

  • Re: http://www.tarawa1943.comGeorge E Proulx, Mon Aug 26 14:18
    Okay Jim. So only you have access to the list. Gotcha. I was just curious. I read books that mention names and wonder how they were killed as I try to put together the action. Thanks anyway.
    • Access to list — Jim Hildebrand, Mon Aug 26 14:32
      • Re: Access to listGeorge E Proulx, Mon Aug 26 19:05
        Thanks Jim. I'd appreciate that.
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