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Re: Chatter Pets 1994
Fri Nov 16, 2007 01:52 (XFF:

ugh! that's definitely too much. well i guess it's not too much, it's just that you may be able to find a better deal somewhere else eventually. have you tried ebay? i've seen a couple of complete sets; maybe about two whole one that only sold those sets in the past... 3 weeks? yeah. i constantly ebay. come join this LPS board and network with some people. you may eventually be able to find that brown squirrel [i need it too... and the blue feeder holder]. Here's the link to the message board:>

Good luck! and hope to hear from you. we need more vintage collectors to join the board! =D

  • Chatter Pets 1994Jenn, Thu Nov 15 20:03
    I am looking for this set to purchase. I really want just the squirrel but would buy the whole set. I found it on one site but it would be about $25 total and I'd like to pay a little less than that. ... more
    • Re: Chatter Pets 1994 — FLiPDaT, Fri Nov 16 01:52
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