Littlest Pet Shop

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Tony T.
Re: Littlest pet shop around the world
Sun Nov 18, 2007 19:50 (XFF:

is this the set with the foreign animals? I was in target one day and saw the last one when this jerk knocked into me and grabbed it and ran off with it. i managed to get ahold of his pants leg and make him fall. we fought on the floor for about 3 minutes before the store manager came huffing. he made us leave and told us to NEVER come back! people were staring at us. i then watched the manager pick up the set off the floor and walk off with it to the back. i will never be able to get this set as it was a christmas present for my son. the bozo who i was fighting with told me he was going to sell it on ebay for $100 and just grinned and walked away to wal-mart where he said he was going to buy some Cars toys to sell instead. oh well that is my story.

  • Littlest pet shop around the worldAnonymous, Fri Oct 26 07:44
    I actually called target regarding these items and they stated that it is allready deleted out of their system that it was for online only back in August. Sorry to those who don't have it. I don't... more
    • Re: Littlest pet shop around the world — Tony T., Sun Nov 18 19:50
      • Re: Littlest pet shop around the worldAnonymous, Sat Nov 24 19:46
        I called 4 different Targets around me looking for it yesterday and they said that it showed in their system that they had them (some stores up to 30) but that they couldn't find any on the floor....
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