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Bruce Larsen
Littlest pet shop Dragon
Sat Dec 1, 2007 00:32 (XFF:

I am searching for the dragon pictured on the LPS website ( near the bottom under see all toys, third from left. I can't find it anywhere other than some a guy on ebay hand paints and sells ( i'm looking for one for use as a toy, not a collectors item, but would like to find one in new or like new condition.) My daughter loves LPS and Dragons and asked Santa for a small dragon, but is not aware of the LPS one. Please help me make her wish come true!

Bruce Larsen

    • LPS dragonShannon, Wed Jan 14 22:11
      I have just recently seen the new Littlest pet shops in stores and I happened to see the dragon. Check the stores often and your sure to find it!
    • LPS Dragonmoongoddess1998, Mon Dec 3 08:42
      Hi, The pet you are refferring to is an iguana, not a dragon. There have been many releases of different iguana's.
    • LPS Dragon / IGUANAPet Shops Galore, Sat Dec 1 23:35
      Hi Bruse. I have the LPS you are looking for. Email me and I can show you a picture and give you the sale price. Thanks ;)
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