Littlest Pet Shop

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Lots of Vintage or G1 Littlest Pet Shop sets/misc for sale
Thu Jun 25, 2009 15:32

I have just gone through matching up whatever G1 LPS I have left that I'm not keeping (I'm just keeping a case filled with my faves), and I'm going to list what I have. I am not certain what exact prices should be but I'm going to put what I think is fair. They may not be set in stone so make an offer if you'd like.

Shipping within the U.S. will be about $3.00 per small/med set with delivery confirmation. Loose pieces or odds/ends will be $1.85. Large sets would be $5.00. I accept Paypal or money orders.

If you're interested in anything let me know and I will take pictures of them and send you them.

On to the Pets!
Note: I list what is missing from the set. Also if they include their food dishes I am 99.9% sure I have the correct ones with them.

Paw Print Club
Surprise Basket of Baby Pets
Baby Bunnies
missing cabbage, papers
Includes: Hot Pink basket w/purple bow, Cream standing bunny with arms up, marmalade color standing bunny and swirled color (marmalade/cream) bunny sitting.
$20 (listed currently on eBay for buy it now price of $25.00)

Grey Bunny (looks like ready to go pet but is grey!) Wiggles ears when tail is pushed

Mail Order
--White dog with black back of head; orange collar with silver paw-print (husky type dog) $6
--White dog with black back of head; orange collar with silver paw-print (factory flaw of extra black paint on right cheek) $5

Original Littlest Pet Shop Game PET EXCLUSIVES
It came with Four Littlest Pet Shop Figures (Exclusives)
White Bunny w/lavender collar (same shape as Mommy w/babies bunny) Major difference NO MAGNET
Green Turtle with blue shell (slight variation to toddling turtles w/factory flaw) walking
Cream kitty with aqua collar Major difference NO MAGNET
Brown dog with dark brown ears and white face and paws Major Difference NO MAGNET
$20 for all or $6 each

Pets On The Move:
Bunnies hop and hide
Missing blue brush

Cozy Home Pets
Jogging Gerbils (first release)
missing magnetic wand, paper confetti for bottom of cages

Pet Presents
Charming Kittens (Second Release)
missing paper card

Pup 'n Kitty Club
Kitty Club w/Tree
missing- small dog house/pink yarn/square cardboard piece
$7.50 **ON HOLD**

Chatter Pets ('95)
Kitties (with tall kitty condo)
missing-blue box/grey standing mouse/dish with spilled milk

Chatter Pets ('95)
Playful Birds (with enclosed aviary)
COMPLETE (four birds total and top still squeaks)

Pet Presents
Frisky Pups (second release)
missing yellow fire hydrant/newspaper

Mommy and Babies
missing pink hydrant/newspaper
Includes: Bed/mama/5 puppies/food dish/bone

Mommy and Babies
missing blue yarn
Includes: bed, litter box piece, scratching post, food dish, mama cat, 5 kittens.

I'm sorry I made a mistake with one kitten, the sprawling one closest to the bottom should actually be the gold one, so this cream one will be listed under misc. and the gold one will be included.

Mommy and Babies
missing cardboard garden
Includes: creamish basket w/turquoise bow/ mama bunny/ 5 babies, cabbage, food dish/ grass plastic piece.

Sparkling Pond Pets
Kitties chase water lilies

Sparkling Pets
Stylish Yorkie Pup
(I believe complete unless she came with a hair bow)
Includes: Bed w/mirror/ yorkie pup/ pink sparkle comb/ pink sparkle brush

Zoo Arabian Prancers with Box
missing blue brush & comb

Ready To Go Pets
Perky pup (Second release)
Includes seafoam green carrier w/purple door, newspaper lining, orange Ready to go tag, dog, green magnetic brush.
missing-correct food dish

Ready to Go Pets
Playful Kitten (second release)
Includes: blue carrier w/pink door, newspaper lining, correct food dish, hot pink yarn, kitten.
missing ready to go tag.

Ready to Go Pets
Snuggle Bunny (second release)
Includes: Bright pinkish basket w/yellow bow, bunny, correct food dish.
missing ready to go tag, carrots, confetti lining.

Country Garden Nursery Playset
missing green bucket, round purple tub, yellow ball, (fence?)

My Real Pets
Playful Persian
Includes: Cat, Tunnel bed, pink yarn

My Real Pets
Sleek Siamese
Includes: Litter box, Scratching post, Cat

MISC. pieces/ partial sets

Zoo Arabian Prancers
both ponies
pink saddle
4 pieces of their purple fencing

Zoo Shetland Ponies
adult pony
light blue food bucket
4 pieces of light pink fencing

Pal around Pups
Splash Happy Puppies
squirting pug
cream colored dog sitting sideways
lab retriever
grey poodle
orange hair dryer

Ready to Go Pets
Playful Kitten (second release)
Includes: blue carrier w/pink door, newspaper lining and kitten.

Splashtime Pets
Swimming Ducklings
Magnetic Wand, both baby ducklings

1994 Littlest Pet Shop Booklet featuring lots of pets, with charm bracelet offer page still intact. mint condition

1992 Pet Presents
Marching Mice (first release)
Aqua terrarium lining (hard plastic, Very Good condition) $1.50
Grey sitting down mouse, magenta collar, w/magnet underneath $2.00
Grey sleeping mouse, purple collar $2.00
Wedge of cheese with magnet $1.50
Clear plastic terrarium (rough played with condition) 75 cents
Light lavendar terrarium lid, mouse maze with all stickers correctly placed $1.50
Or Buy All for $7.50

Pet Presents
Tiny Tortoises (second release)
Terrarium (played with condition) Palm tree, rock river back drop $1.00
Walking tortoise (mint condition) $2.50
Blue Water/ beach terrain (no palm tree) $1.50
Or buy all for $4.50

Pet Presents '92
Toddling Turtles
Terrarium (Played with condition) moon stars back drop $1.00
Walking turtle Mint $2.50

Ready To Go Pets (Second Release)
Busy Hamsters with Jogging Wheel
White standing up hamster with brown patches and green collar $1.50
White running hamster with brown patches and red collar $1.50
Square transparent blue cage $1.00
Purple pawprint lid $1.00
Transparent purple wheel $1.00
or Buy all for $4.50

-duplicate- White running hamster with brown patches and red collar $1.50
-duplicate- Square transparent blue cage $1.00

Ready To Go Pets
Snuggle Bunny (second release)
Brown standing up bunny with beige spots and magenta collar $3.00

Mommy & Babies
Grey Mother cat (rub on nose paint, eyes perfect, factory flaw on back seam) $2.00
Gold sitting kitten no collar, only pawprint $1.50
creamish white sitting kitten no collar, only pawprint $1.50
Cream magnetic kitten in sprawled position (one back leg extended farther); no collar, silver paw-print $1.50

Grey and white magnetic puppy in sprawled position; no collar, silver paw-print $1.50

White laying down Mother Bunny $2.00
Brown laying down Mother bunny $2.00
-Brown magnetic standing baby bunny without bent ears (sprawled); no collar, silver paw-print $1.50
Grey crouched baby bunny (looking straight ahead); no collar, silver paw-print $1.50
White magnetic baby bunny in a nursing position (crouched with head looking to one side); no collar, silver paw-paw $1.50
-Duplicate-White magnetic baby bunny in a nursing position (crouched with head looking to one side); no collar, silver paw-paw $1.50
White standing baby bunny; no collar, silver paw-print $1.50
-Duplicate- White standing baby bunny; no collar, silver paw-print $1.50
Grey standing baby bunny; no collar, silver paw-print $1.50
Green and brown platform with hole for hiding (Mint condition) $2.00
Beige basket with aqua bow on top $1.50

Pet Presents '92
Cutesy Kittens with Kitty Playhouse
Pale orange cat with a white triangle on face, aqua collar with silver pawprint $2.00
Off white cat with pale gray face, ears, paws and tail, purple collar with silver pawprint $2.00
-Duplicate-Off white cat with pale gray face, ears, paws and tail, purple collar with silver pawprint $2.00
Blue food/water dish with dark brown food $1.50

Pet Presents (2nd release)
Charming Kittens with Funtime House
Brown cat with pale yellow muzzle and belly, lime green collar $2.00
Calico cat, dark pink collar $2.00

Zoo Keep Me Safe Pets
Zoo Polar Pets
White Polar Bear, purple collar $2.50
Peach fish attached to purple fishing pole $1.50
Black and white penguin; pink collar with silver paw-print $2.00

Splash Time Pets
Deepsea Divers with Coral Tank
Two sided transparent tank With corals intact and decal $3.00
Snail with magnet $2.00

Sparkling Pond Pets
Twinkling Sledding Party
White dog with fluffy tail (fluffy tail no longer fluffy only thin hard tail remains, still a cutie!) $1.75
Brown bunny with white belly and white fluffy tail; silver paw-print on neck $3.00
Large playset base with proper decal of bear rug, pond has lots of water left (missing igloo) $3.00

Zoo Nursery Pets
Zoo Baby Zebra
Small yellow hay bale $1.50

Zoo Wilderness Pets
Zoo Playful Sea Lion
Pink Bucket of Blue Fish $1.50

Littlest Pet Shop Zoo Carry Case
(I have a few pieces of the case itself, let me know if you need a door etc)
blue bag of food (label is gone) $.50
Yellow round basket of yellow bananas $1.00

Ready To Go Pets
Racing Lizard
Square aqua pawprint lid $1.00

Any '92 Release set requiring a clear plastic water bottle
Clear plastic water bottle (drinking tip broken off, still looks nice) $1.00

Ready To Go Pets (2nd release)
Jolly Toucan
Light green food dish with light brown food $1.00

(Too tired to ID but this is what I have left right now
Blue Persian cat $2.50
Orangish double food/water dish with dark food (I think from second release of 2 dogs) $1.00
Single pink square dishe with light brown food $1.00
purple square single dish with greyish food $1.00
Round light basket with purple molded cushion inside, I think came with Kennel Playset $2.50

Sea World Stars
Baby Shamu with Seashell Cradle
Black and white baby whale $1.50
--Sandy platform with transparent blue wave $1.50
--Pink seashell cradle $1.50

Sea World Stars
Sir Winston Walrus on Rocky Coast
Gold Walrus with cream belly $2.00
--Pink rocky platform with transparent blue waves $1.50

Sea World Stars
Pete and Penny Penguin with Icy Igloo
--Black and white penguin -Boy $1.50
--Black and white penguin - Girl $1.50
--Transparent blue icy platform $1.50

Sea World Stars
Dolly Dolphin on Her Dancing Wave
--Transparent blue wave platform with pink underside (missing decal) $1.00

Sea World Playset
The Shamu Family Playset
Papa Shamu
--Black and white father whale $1.75
Mama Namu
--Black and white mother whale $1.75
Baby Shamu
--Black and white baby whale $1.75
--Purple rocky base with flat top $1.50
--Transparent blue pool $1.75
--Diving wheel $1.50

Please email me if you are interested or reply to this post.

Thank you!

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